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Debugging your Rigs / Scene

June 12, 2012

Wow, so its been much longer then I had anticipated since my last update, I had hoped to have them appearing more frequently, but better late then never :D.

I have recently discovered the most amazing tool inside softimage, that any rigger or TD should use in trying to figure out why his/hers scene is running slow or ICE tree is not a fast as it should be. When I got introduced to it, it opened my eyes. I now use it soo often to just see where my bottlenecks are occurring, or if I could try and stream line something a bit better….

So whats the tool??

The Debug tool

The Scene Debugger, this little guy is located just to the left of you playback options or right of the scripting options.

How it works:

Its very simple to use, just keep in mind its only evaluating what is currently in the viewport, so if you have isolated something in the viewport it wont evaluate on the hidden objects, that being said is does evaluate the hidden objects that are connected in what ever you have in view on the viewport.

The Debug Toolbar

Once you have clicked on the debug icon, the above menu will appear. You then have to click the stop watch, play your scene (the more frames you play through the more accurate your debug, also remember if your testing a rig, have it animated, as this makes for a better test environment as the system is actually interpreting keys/actions). Once your timeline has come to an and click the stop watch again, and your scene will get broken down into the different process that get evaluated, this also includes OpenGl writing to the sceen.

ICE Debug:

The ICE debug works very similarly to the scene debug, but has a few difference in showing the result. You do the same steps as above:

  1. Click the Stopwatch
  2. Play your timeline
  3. Click the Stopwatch again

Once you have done that you will see there will be no change, to display the result you will have to select it from the drop down menu as you can see in the below diagram no. 3

Using the ICE debug

Before the debug

With the debug visible

As you can see with the debug visible it will show how long it takes to process a node, of will show the cumulative time to get to a specific point in the tree hierarchy, depending on what you specify to be visible.

More Information:

The Autodesk Help file

Hope this helps some of you out there, I know it opened my eyes and really helps in seeing bottle necks.

Until the next post,  keep softing away 😀


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  1. This blog is great, keep posting, we’re reading! 😀

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