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The end of one adventure and onto another…….

April 25, 2012

A day like any other, woke up, got dressed, drove to work, but its not like every other day. Today is my last day at Triggerfish. Many of you out there may not know what Triggerfish is or does, If your reading this blog Im sure you have some inkling as this is mainly a Softimage blog, and that this is where I work so must be some studio which uses Softimage, your are indeed correct,  but for the other people who may have stumbled upon this blog let me delve a bit more into Triggerfish and how amazing my journey has been at this studio, and whats next.

Triggerfish is an animation studio like no other of its kind found in South Africa or Africa if not the world, the reason I say this is that, what other full featured animation studio is based on a farm mere minutes away from a bustling city center, That in itself is something spectacular, but what makes Triggerfish truly an amazing place to work at are the people or fishies that reside in this farm tank. The Company has truly gone out of its way to source the top talent that can be found in South Africa, and has started attracting lots of attention from overseas.

The Barn

The reason why most of you may not have heard of the company before is that its films have not yet been released to the public, ooo I cannot wait for the release of Zambezia. Why you may ask? well first of all its the first movie I got to work on, the first International South African movie that will bring proper attention to the SA 3D Animation Film market, and its got a lot and I mean a lot of technical challenges ( that really were fun and challenging to solve ), but I’ll let you be the judge and point you to the link for the trailer.

My Desk - Attack of the postet ninjas

So any way, back to the last day as a fishie. Upon arriving at my desk it had been blasted with postet love ROFL! which was epic, really awesome, they had stuck postets on everything and under everything, it was like a game of hide and seek, then the normal day of wrapping up loose ends started until lunch where we all missioned of for one last epic Spur meal ( burger resturant ), upon arriving back after lunch I found my desk had once again been assaulted, but this time with sheep haha… was a brilliant surprise, the day continued till about 4pm and then we had some drinks and I got a photo of the entire studio, going to miss everyone as they where like family.

When Sheep Attack

One of the weirdest things for myself , and really hit home that I was leaving was cleaning up my desk, Im sure all of you out there in a studio have a desk space that is your own and some have been able to decorate it how you like. As we all spend a lot of time at our desks its great to try and make them your own, Im a major vynil enthusiast and have a small horde of vinyl toys that keep me company and some scribbles, so packing them up really made me realize that this was it, I was leaving.

All the fishies

It was sad to say good bye to everyone and leave mid production during Khumba, but I cannot wait to see the finished product as if you see Zambezia know this, Khumba is a whole lot better, and they have pushed the bar.

So where to next I can hear some of you whisper…. ( cant really hear that would mean I would be particularly crazy )……

A hop on a plane, plus minus 30 hour flight and BOOM! down under I am 🙂

Now to start at Animal Logic 😀 DAMN I CANT WAIT!!! SOOO AMPED XD ( thats also the main reason why I haven’t been able to post any updates on my Matrix’s and other blog entries, packing been crazy ) , but I have arrived and with this post up ill be back on track to start posting an entry a week ( the plan, I hope I can make it come to pass ). Now to hunt  for an apartment and complete my SCOP’s YEAH!!!

hope everyone out there is doing well.


P.S. here some links

Zambezia Facebook Page

Khumba Facebook Page


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  1. Nikki permalink

    It’s definitely a one of the kind studio!! Have fun on your next adventure Si. 🙂

  2. OMG SIMON WE GONA MISS YOU!!!!! T_T *cries*

  3. awesome Simon, thanks for cool writeup! And yeay…my car made it to your blog! enjoy Animal Logic dude, kick some ass!

  4. is the best journey and best place , i want to work in this studio

    i hope to see you soon Simon

    thank you

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