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Sending out flares

April 3, 2012

Hi everyone,

So the biggest problem with having a blog is

1. Keeping it up to date, most blogs I have come by seem to end up going stale and die 😦 and alot of them are done by some extremly talented guys and girls.

2. Keeping people up to date, publicity and such things, ie letting people know when a new article has been writen.

Im not one for blatant spamming of people out there, so I have created a Facebook page that you can like if you wish to just get some information, to interact a bit more with the blog and topics I may cover.

Have never been a Tweeter, but thinking about maybe jumping on that also so people can follow if they want.

I really want this blog to do well, and actually add to the community and help people out 🙂

Have to get back to the Matrix’s, I have my Rotations now working, just wanting to get the SCOP’s done 😀


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  1. Leonard Koch permalink

    Oho, I do like this blog and the fact that you are interested in it contributing to the community.
    The combination of linear algebra related topics and maybe some coverage of what is happening in the community would really tickle my fancy and could be a direction you can push this blog in…

    The SI community really lacks it’s own “bloggosphere” and would greatly benefit from it I think.
    More interest based publicity incentivises third party developers like me to create better products, improving the eco-system and by that growing the user base.

    I applaud you and intend to join you in this endeavor on my own blog!

    And just to let the inner grammar nazi act out a little: The plural of matrix is matrices :>

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